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"Children must be taught how to think not what to think."  - Margaret Mead

  • Because of a newfound curiosity for people, the Toddlers environment is set up in a manner where they have many opportunities to develop their social skills. The teachers make themselves available to support children as they engage with peers. Children are encouraged to share their ideas, their concerns and to make social connections with peers and adults.
  • Toddlers developmentally are working to be independent.  Independence is supported and encouraged by teachers as children move through their daily routines, washing hands, dressing for outdoor play, cleaning up after meals and making many choices throughout the day.
  • Teachers recognize the importance of building a trusting relationship with parents and children. They value ongoing communication, offer support and serve as a resource for parents. Teachers also attempt to create a community atmosphere where everyone is appreciated and differences are celebrated. Documentation of children’s experiences are valued and considered as an important way to communicate with families.
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