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About Us

Hope Aglow Christian Academy (HACA) was established in 2001 as an educational outreach of Hope Aglow Empowerment Center. Since then HACA has existed for the purpose of shaping and developing the minds of children and youth for excellence in education. 


“Training and equipping the future generations to take their positions of responsibility and authority in the world.”  Each child is endowed with a strong Biblical and academic foundation that will empower them to exceed “status quo” expectations.

By providing a quality education that includes strong character building and self-discipline HACA is dedicated not only to meeting, but to exceeding the Standards of Learning as set forth by the Virginia State Department of Education.

Our program reflects the belief that learning takes place primarily through exploratory activities and discovery. Both directed and non-directed experiences are offered each day with the focus being on gaining independence and a child that plans and thinks about their actions.


Staff Teachers

Meet our passionate teachers, experience our curriculum, learn about our health and safety policies, and see children excited about learning. Your child’s primary caregiver is a nurturing child development professional who is focused on creating experiences and opportunities that invite exploration and support the rapid and important development that is occurring in a child's first year. More than just daycare, at Hope Aglow Christian Academy we are focused on keeping your children happy, engaged, and secure. Our teaching staff has been carefully selected for their teaching ability, creativity, attention to details, and most importantly their love for children. In partnership with the parents and guardians we look forward to the many accomplishments each child will make with an excellent academic and spiritual foundation.

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